What The Color of Your Car Says About You in Pakistan

  • by admin
  • 15/06/2018

Cars in Pakistan, a country boasting numerous ethnicities and zestful culture, are often defined by vibrant colors and these colors yield insight into the different personalities of people driving them. Whether it is the humdrum of black and white cars or the vivacity of gaudy vehicles, Pakistan has it all, and these varying shades have a story of their own to tell. So, check out the following to understand what the color of your car says about you.


Honda Accord Hybrid
Honda Accord Hybrid

White cars are the most common sight on the roads in Pakistan and are considered a favorite among the majority of people. The color white is a symbol of innocence, meticulousness, and sophistication. Therefore, people owning white cars can be deemed as more positive, disciplined and at times finicky. Despite the fact that white color cars get dirty easily and require good maintenance, this paint is very popular among the masses. Another reason why white cars are well liked in the region could be that Pakistan sees a relatively long summer and since white color absorbs less heat it is considered a more practical option.


Toyota Corolla Xli 2015
Toyota Corolla Xli 2015

Black is the second most preferable car color in Pakistan after white. It is apparent the color black is suggestive of style, authority and classiness. A person owning a black car in Pakistan can be assumed to either belong to the elite class, or hold a position of power. Black cars also represent luxury, good taste and elegant appeal of the owner in addition to evoking the mysterious nature of the one driving it.


Honda Insight Silver
Honda Insight

The color silver is next to white, so obviously one of the favorites in Pakistan. Silver cars are gradually gaining approval from people and are likely to replace the Whites anytime soon. The metallic luster exudes elegance, novelty and security. People associated with silver cars usually have calm and composed personalities and have a great sense of self-esteem. Moreover, flashy silver cars create an impression that portrays modernization and opulence of its owners. An advantage of silver cars over white vehicles is that they are easier to keep clean and share the same glory.


2014 Toyota Corolla GLi blue
2014 Toyota Corolla GLi

It is no surprise that the blue color denotes serenity, stability, and steadfastness. Blue car owners are considerably more dependable, loyal and quite taciturn in nature. Though, once quite a popular choice among car colors for Pakistanis, the color blue has not retained its former allure. You are likely to encounter a blue car from time to time, and when you do, you can surely expect a trustworthy and vigilant driver.


Honda City Red
Honda City

This color embodies passion, strength and confidence and those owning a red car are considered great adventurers, rebels and attention seekers. While it is not uncommon to spot red cars in Pakistan, not many individuals would like to support this color owing to its dramatic appeal and vividness. Since a red color car is preferred by selective few, its resale value can be affected, as buyers are mostly interested in seeking a car with trending colors. Nevertheless, the zeal, daring nature and need for speed of a red car owner are unparalleled; after all not everyone is a risk taker.


2015 Honda Fit Yellow
2015 Honda Fit

The color yellow signifies optimism, joyfulness and sheer honesty; a preferable choice for youngsters in Pakistan and those young at heart. The yellow color also speaks volumes about its owner’s intelligence, creativity and happy-go lucky nature. So, if you come across a yellow car you can be assured that the owner is quite sincere, friendly and oozing positivity.


Suzuki Liana Grey Color
Suzuki Liana

Gray cars emanate the message of keeping to themselves and steer clear from the limelight. Grey car owners are usually sober, modest and balanced individuals who value comfort more than appearance. All shades of gray, whether it is a light shade or dark hues, are equally favorable in Pakistan, as the color gray radiates a sense of neutrality and merges well with the surroundings.


2013 Honda CR-Z Purple
2013 Honda CR-Z

Though very rare to find, the purple cars have become quite a favorite among the ladies in Pakistan. Conveying a sense of eccentricity, refinement and individuality; this color may raise a few eyebrows, but still manages to reinforce the persistent and independent nature of its owner. Choice of violet color cars is also attributed to people associated with spirituality, royalty and authenticity.


Toyota Passo Green
Toyota Passo

We are well aware that the color green represents preservation, equilibrium and nature, so a person driving green car can be linked to a conservative, trustworthy, environmental enthusiast. Besides, people with green cars rank higher in clear conscience and are usually in search of harmony and tranquility. In sum, a car with the color green has a refreshing appeal and brings reassurance to the viewer.

As interesting it is to discover the effects these colors have on car owners, it should be taken into account that there are numerous factors that come into play when a person decides to purchase a car such as price, availability, etc. Therefore, the charm of these colors has limitations and their significance may vary from owner to owner depending on different perceptions and beliefs.