Car Makers in Pakistan receieve Higher Profit Margins Than Indian Car Makers

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  • 28/05/2018

Although the Pakistani economy has seen a lot of growth which has led to an increase in automobile ownership all across the board. the fact remains that India and China have automobiles which have the same specifications but which cost less than their counterparts fabricated in Pakistan.

The reasons are manyfold. First of all the tax rates in India are lower. Their economy is strong and the currency even stronger which makes the importation of parts even easier. Due to these reasons, the three best-selling cars in sub-continent, the Toyota Corolla, the Honda City and the Civic are, according to certain claims, more than 15% more expensive in Pakistan than in India.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a model of Japanese automaker Honda. The first Civic appeared in 1972. The term “Civic” expresses Honda’s ambition to cut emissions and to propose a neat (and hence with more civic sense) car. As of now the Civic is in her ninth generation. In 2001, she abandoned her legendary wishbone front suspension levers to use traditional braces.

The first Honda cars are only 10 years old when Honda Motor Co reveals their latest product, the Civic, in July 1972.

Well known for its motorcycles and automobiles in its early years, Honda was still not a major exporter in the image of its Japanese rival Toyota. Developed for this purpose, the H1300 program only manages to highlight the internal conflicts between opponents and supporters of the air cooling, those more pragmatic, concerned about the sustainability of the company and those carried away by their creativity and technical boldness.

In 1970, the car project “Civic”, as the name implies, starts at Wako.

The Japanese government enacted a plan to build a car that should offer at least 5 sq. meter space. Meanwhile Honda needs a vehicle suitable for export. The economy of use, practical and functional aspects, security, simplicity and the reduction of polluting emissions are central elements of the specifications. Inspired by aviation precepts, where each kilogram costs, the goal is 600 kg for a vehicle of 3.30 m to 3.40 m by 1.45 m.

The car thus produced became so popular that the production quickly reached unprecedented levels for Honda. 21 320 Civic were thus produced in 1972 and 80 027 in 1973, 119,855 in 1974 and 160,126 in 1975. A total of 1,186,194 copies of the first generation are produced and Honda started giving Toyota a serious run for their money.

Honda Civic is easily available in all big Pakistani cities such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Faisalabad.

Honda Civic 2018 prices in Pakistan

Honda Civic 1.8 i-VTEC CVT PKR 2,499,000
Honda Civic Oriel 1.8 i-VTEC CVT PKR 2,649,000

The average prices for Honda Civic are as follows:

  • Honda Civic 2018 Average Price: PKR 26.5 Lacs

  • Honda Civic 2015 Average Price: PKR 25.5 Lacs

  • Honda Civic 2014 Average Price: PKR 22.3 Lacs

  • Honda Civic 2013 Average Price: PKR 22.9 Lacs

  • Honda Civic 2012 Average Price: PKR 20 Lacs

  • Honda Civic 2011 Average Price: PKR 17.2 Lacs

Honda City

The Honda City is a subcompact car by the Japanese car manufacturer Honda. Originally the car was introduced in 1981 in the Japanese market, but now it is offered in a lot of countries. In Japan, the latest version now bears the name Honda Fit Aria and is complemented by the Honda Fit.

The Honda City was first produced in 1981 as a three-door hatchback model, and then was offered exclusively in the Japanese market. This was followed by a convertible and two turbo versions of the City in the first generation. Only the normal hatchback version was offered from 1984 to 1986 in Europe as a Honda Jazz.

At the Tokyo Motor Show 1981, the City was presented as a space saver, because you could accommodate a mini-motorcycle (Motocompo) in the trunk. He was then referred to under its creators as “Tall Boy”. Due to the economical consumption and the large space of the Honda City quickly became a huge success and enjoyed great popularity in the Japanese population.

Technically the engines were very advanced at the time. In the Turbo version is a 1.2-liter engine was used with a turbocharger, which it means PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection; in German: sequential electronic fuel injection) brought to 100 hp. An additional charge air cooling made it to 110 hp for the Turbo II.

In November 2002, a fifth-generation Honda City was introduced, which was sold only in Japan except, Asian and Eastern European space as Honda City. In Japan, this new Honda was offered as a Honda Fit Aria.

In September 2008, the sixth generation of the Honda City was introduced in Thailand. In the four-door notchback sedan is a completely new development, which is equipped with a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine. Alternatively, the vehicle can be ordered at least in Thailand also powered by natural gas. In early 2011, a cheap version as Everus S1 appeared in China. It involves the first model of a specifically made for the Chinese invented brand of non-Chinese manufacturer. The car will be built as well as its predecessor in the Guangzhou Automobile Group in joint venture Guangqi Honda.

Honda City 2018 prices in Pakistan

Honda City 1.3 i-VTEC PKR 1,699,000
Honda City 1.3 i-VTEC Prosmatec PKR 1,839,000
Honda City 1.5 i-VTEC PKR 1,759,000
Honda City 1.5 i-VTEC Prosmatec PKR 1,899,000
Honda City Aspire 1.5 i-VTEC PKR 1,889,000
Honda City Aspire Prosmatec 1.5 i-VTEC PKR 2,029,000

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is the model name for a car of the middle class, later in the compact class, which is used by the Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation since mid-1966 for a number of different car models.

From the Corolla, the work has drawn over time a number of different variants, which often remain limited to Japan and serve various distribution networks of the manufacturer. Among the best known models introduced are Corolla Sprinter in 1968 (higher-equipped version), the Corolla Levin (Coupé versions) and the Sprinter Trueno. Recently the minivan Corolla Verso also came on to the market.

Over the decades cars were produced with the Corolla tag not only in Japan but in numerous other countries, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Thailand, India , United Kingdom and the Philippines. In a joint venture with General Motors Corolla was fabricated in California. It was then market as Chevrolet Nova or Geo Prizm. Daihatsu Charmant is also related to the Corolla as Toyota owns Daihatsu.

Average Prices In Pakistan

The Corolla is available in all big cities in Pakistan such as Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Toyota Corolla 2018 prices in Pakistan

Car Version Ex-Factory Price Get Loan Information
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 PKR 2,339,000
Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic 1.6 PKR 2,274,000
Toyota Corolla Altis CVT-i 1.8 PKR 2,464,000
Toyota Corolla Altis Grande 1.8 PKR 2,514,000
Toyota Corolla Altis Grande CVT-i 1.8 PKR 2,664,000
Toyota Corolla GLi 1.3 VVTi PKR 2,049,000
Toyota Corolla GLi 1.3 VVTi Special Edition PKR 2,159,000
Toyota Corolla GLi Automatic 1.3 VVTi PKR 2,124,000
Toyota Corolla XLi VVTi PKR 1,894,000

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