Cars in Karachi capital city of Sindh, Pakistan

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  • 20/05/2018
Cars in Karachi capital city of Sindh, Pakistan

Well Priced Cars for Sale in Karachi: The Financial Capital of Pakistan

Karachi is the capital city of the Sind province as well as the biggest metropolitan city of Pakistan with a population of 110 million. It is not only the financial as well as industrial capital of Pakistan, it is also the biggest sea port of Pakistan and biggest entry and exit point for the import and export of materials. Karachi is perhaps the most ethnically diverse city in Pakistan. Its financial wealth and prosperity has attracted people of all languages, ethnicities and backgrounds to move here and find a living. The city never sleeps and due to the port, the business goes on late in the night. Karachi is also known affectionately as the “City of Lights”.

How to get around in Karachi

Karachi has a very good light circular rail network which serves the suburbs and the downtown. It also has a very good public transport network and planning for a metro system is rapidly taking shape. Despite all these factors, the population density is so high that having a personal vehicle is probably the best solution for commuting to and from the workplace. Indeed Karachi has the biggest number of personal vehicles for any urban area in Pakistan.

Dealers in Karachi

Most of the automobile assembly plants in Pakistan are situated in various industrial zones in Karachi and therefore the availability of new and used cars is not a problem. The sheer number of dealerships however means that the buyers have to choose their dealers carefully in order to avoid any difficulty after the sale. Car mania Karachi recommends following dealers in Karachi:

  • 4-Wheels Automobiles Karachi

4 Wheels automotive has been operating since a long time in Karachi. They have managed to be one of the pioneers of this industry. 4 Wheels specializes in all brands of local and imported cars. They are available in both old and new conditions. 4 Wheels believe that customers mean everything. They try their best to fulfil your car demand with the maximum efficiency possible.

Address: Block 2, PECHS, Mian Khalid Bin Waleed Road, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

  • Shan Nawaz Motors Karachi

Shan Nawaz Motors is a trusted vehicle dealer that offers local and imported vehicles in both used and new conditions. They are customer-centric dealership that ensures that customers are well informed so that they can make educated decisions when purchasing their vehicles. Their staff is trained to be helpful, courteous and knowledgeable offering a convenient and smooth experience to our customers

Address: University Road, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

  • Automall Karachi

Auto mall has been in the industry for a decade. They deal in both new and used cars in all imported and local brands. They are also the certified dealer for Toyota cars. Auto mall assure that your experience of buying a car is one of a kind. The customer is their first priority and they go out of their way to facilitate you in every way imaginable. Auto mall comprises of a  friendly team that specializes in each and every car

Address:14-A, Main Shahrah-E-Faisal, Awan Markaz, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

  • Car Deals Karachi

Car Deals was established over 45 years ago. With 45 years of market experience, they are a trustworthy name in the automobile market. They provide from their ready stock automobile from Marques such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Bentley, Jaguar, Lexus, Land Cruiser and Range rover.

Address:Bc/13, Block-5, Main Clifton Road, Karachi

  • Shah Global Motors Karachi

Shah Global Enterprises is known to offer a wide variety of products and services. They have FUCHS lubricants, mechanical/electrical and lubricant shops and are importers of global car brands, both new and used. They also own the New Hampshire Insurance Company, TPL Direct Insurance, EFU Insurance , Falcon I trackers, Trefco Trackers and car financing and leasing services.

Address:89-P, Block 2, PECHS, khalid Bin Waleed Road, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Most Popular Brands in Karachi

Due to the presence of the Stock Exchange, the port and the industry, Karachi is the richest city in Pakistan. This means that all the luxury brands can be seen on the roads of Karachi very easily. A growing middle class also has added to the number of cars on the roads of Karachi. The most popular brands are Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan and BMW.

Driving Around in Karachi

Karachi, being situated near the sea, has a temperate climate and it is fun to drive in Karachi all year round. The city is full of public parks and gardens and is situated practically on the tip of Arabian sea. A 30 minute drive takes you to the very beautiful sea resort of Clifton and Hawk’s Bay or a rather longer 45 minutes drive to the beautiful island of Maripur. Despite huge traffic volumes, drivers in Karachi are reputed for their cool and calm temperament.

Smart Tip

The best way to get a good deal on a car in Karachi is to choose a four wheel drive or a luxury car to buy. Due to the presence of a huge number of feudal lords in the city, the four wheel drives are omnipresent in the city. However, once the new model is launched, most of the owners try to get rid of the previous version in order to buy a new one which floods the market with four wheel drives. By keeping an eye on the availability of cars here at Car mania, you could get an excellent deal which would give excellent value for money.