Top 10 best selling cars in Pakistan

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  • 04/06/2018

Pakistan is a developing country with mediocre economic status, that’s the reason we do not get to see luxury and sports beauties in great numbers here. The market is dominant with low-profile cars, as vehicles don’t come cheap due to heavy taxes levied on them. If you are a new buyer, you should get to know a little about the market value of your desired car. New cars in Pakistan have fewer strings attached to them, while used cars in Pakistan are subject to more critical assay. Surely, you don’t want to buy junk, giving away your hard earned money. Showrooms and private sellers can easily manipulate a homely person into shaking on the least profitable deals.

In order to play safe, it is wise to take assistance of an experienced friend, having good ability of negotiating the price. Even the most fixed car rates can be negotiated, using your wit. Whether you are buying a new car or used, with limited financial status you are probably looking for a vehicle with lasting endurance and good resale value. In Pakistan, a vehicle is as good as its resale value. So the question arises here, what are the best cars for sale in Pakistan to buy?

Here is the list of top 10 best selling cars in Pakistan to give you hands on experience.

1.Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla 2018 | Corolla Pakistan
Toyota Corolla

Do you know the Toyota Corolla tops the auto chart not just in Pakistan but all over the world. The Japanese automaker is well-cherished for their reliable cars and Corolla is the sedan which gets better with every successive model. This awesome car has an innate ability to heal itself and can be easily rehabilitated from ugly damages, as you can effortlessly find its spare parts at reasonable rates. Pakistanis are in love with Corolla, no matter which model it is; all the variants of Corolla enjoy a better market value compared to other passenger cars. The new Toyota Corolla 2018 is mostly used by business people and families for their daily commute.

According to Toyota, they have sold more than 500,000 vehicles, among which Toyota Corolla is the best selling automotive model in Pakistan with more than 29,087 units sold during 2017-18. The Toyota Corolla Pakistan is available in many solid and metallic colors with a starting price of PKR 1,894,000 (for Corolla 1.3 XLI).

New Toyota Corolla Specifications and Features

Toyota Corolla 2018 Prices in Pakistan
Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 PKR 2,339,000
Toyota Corolla Altis Automatic 1.6 PKR 2,274,000
Toyota Corolla Altis CVT-i 1.8 PKR 2,464,000
Toyota Corolla Altis Grande 1.8 PKR 2,514,000
Toyota Corolla Altis Grande CVT-i 1.8 PKR 2,664,000
Toyota Corolla GLi 1.3 VVTi PKR 2,049,000
Toyota Corolla GLi 1.3 VVTi Special Edition PKR 2,159,000
Toyota Corolla GLi Automatic 1.3 VVTi PKR 2,124,000
Toyota Corolla XLi VVTi PKR 1,894,000

2.Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran 2018 | Mehran Pakistan
Suzuki Mehran

As the indigenous name indicates, Mehran is made for Pakistanis and is driven on all types of roads here. Though the compact car is not a quintessence of luxury or speed, but it is very reliable with best-in-town resale value. It is a perfect car for middle-class families with incredible mileage and fair price. The company’s annual 2018 report claims that Suzuki sold about 139,022 motor vehicle units, with Mehran leading their sales fronts with 29,509 units (2017-18).

The car design is very basic, but the build is very strong. Available in two variants, the Suzuki Mehran 2018 (VX Euro II version) is priced at PKR 709,000, while the Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II variant can be acquired for PKR 762,000.

New Suzuki Mehran Specifications and Features

Suzuki Mehran 2018 Prices in Pakistan

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Suzuki Mehran VX Euro II PKR 709,000
Suzuki Mehran VX Euro II (CNG) PKR 749,000
Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II PKR 762,000
Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II (CNG) PKR 802,000

3.Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus 2018 | Cultus in Pakistan
Suzuki Cultus

Although, the Suzuki Cultus came on the scene a long time after Mehran, it mustered a formidable reputation in a very short time. This compact family car boasts an elegant shape, comfortable seating arrangement and good rear cargo space. Possessing 1000cc engine, the tank can retain 40 liters of fuel to travel greater distances without stopping for refilling.

According to an annual report by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association, Suzuki sold 14,682 units of Cultus in 2017-18.

The new Suzuki Cultus VXR Euro II is priced at 1,270,000.

New Suzuki Cultus Specifications and Features

Suzuki Cultus 2018 Prices in Pakistan

Car Version Ex-Factory Price Get Loan Information
Suzuki Cultus Auto Gear Shift PKR 1,528,000
Suzuki Cultus VXL PKR 1,391,000
Suzuki Cultus VXR PKR 1,270,000

4.Suzuki Bolan

Suzuki Bolan Pakistan | Suzuki Bolan 2018
Suzuki Bolan


The Suzuki Bolan though does not render a steady cruise experience, but people buy it for its high utility. Perhaps, the biggest reason is its spaciousness with eight seats and adjustable rear space, which makes it an all-purpose minivan perfect for urban and sub-urban commuting. The space can be used to virtually carry off anything, especially office material, grocery items etc. Currently, it is widely being used as a school/college van. The 2017-18 observed the sales of 14,088 units.

Nicknamed Dabba or Carry Dabba, it remains the best car for taxi drivers. The Suzuki Bolan price is PKR 750,000.

New Suzuki Bolan Specifications and Features

Suzuki Bolan 2018 Prices in Pakistan

5.Honda City

Honda City 2018 | City Pakistan
Honda City

Last but not the least, the stylish and privileged City takes the number five spot. In 2017 alone, about 13,741 Honda City cars were sold. The 4-door sedan retains a powerful 1340cc engine that can generate about 98 horsepower, while the fuel tank can store 42 liters of fuel to pump it all the way.

Honda has been making continuous improvements in the City, that’s why the latest model has received good response for its ethereal exterior design. The interior of the new Honda City is equally cozy and is loaded with high-tech features. The manual version costs PKR 1,699,000, while the automatic variant is priced at 1,839,000.

New Honda City Specifications and Features

Honda City 2018 Prices in Pakistan

Honda City 2018 Prices in Pakistan

Honda City 1.3 i-VTEC PKR 1,699,000
Honda City 1.3 i-VTEC Prosmatec PKR 1,839,000
Honda City 1.5 i-VTEC PKR 1,759,000
Honda City 1.5 i-VTEC Prosmatec PKR 1,899,000
Honda City Aspire 1.5 i-VTEC PKR 1,889,000
Honda City Aspire Prosmatec 1.5 i-VTEC PKR 2,029,000

Apart from the vehicles mentioned above, the Suzuki Alto, the Honda Civic and the Toyota Vitz are among the most likeable cars in the Pakistan markets.


Considering the top selling brands in Pakistan, we can clearly see the Japanese manufacturers are dominating our market due to their reliability and high resale value. Perhaps, the prime reasons of their popularity are their better mileage, low maintenance cost and easily availability of spare parts. Buy anyone of these and you’ll not regret your decision.