United Bravo is going to launch on 8th September 2018

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  • 06/09/2018
United Bravo is going to launch on 8th September 2018
All eyes on who? The "BRAVO"

The vehicle is a re-badged DH350, a model sold by a small Chinese company "Dahe Motor" who sells small cheap electric city cars and geographically in a very limited region within china.

The Bravo is Bravo in the sense that its believed to be powered by heart and soul of legendary Suzuki Meherban engine ; yes the 800cc 3 cylinder EFI engine. There is no confirmation if it's the same engine but the power output is near 40hp / 60NM which sounds same as Mehran.

It is expected to have a 4+1 transmission, 4 forward and reverse. McPherson Strut front while torsion beam in rear suspension. Electric power steering will also be available. As far as saefty , no information is known but availability of airbags is not expected. Features like power windows , backup camera and air-conditioning are expected but most probably in the fully loaded trim.

Complete features will be known on Saturday ,September 8th 2018 when the model is launched and United promised that it will be much more than Mehran , more equipped although Bravo might be using some other vehicle platform. Same like other Chinese car Zotye Z100 launched by Habib Rafique, which uses older generation Suzuki Alto platform.

Let's wait and see if this can survive and for how long. It seems United is bringing CBU / imported re-branded vehicles BUT no confirmation as of now. Initial units are expected to be imported although local assembly has also been in news via certain sources.

United Bravo news has been circulating the social media for about a year now and public is anxiously waiting for its launch.

The success of the Bravo also depends on its price point and as United has been mentioning time and again that the Bravo is more equipped than any small hatchback currently available in the market, United is indirectly mentioning Suzuki Mehran as target. Although its good to know that at last Mehran will be discontinued officially in early 2019 and will be replaced by a newer model of Alto.

The year long anticipation, interest of the public about Bravo for sure will make an impact on the pricing of the Bravo and United have been taking feedback. United has been talking about features in the car and United will cash that.

Now its my personal opinion and there is no official word and just simply an assumption and guess. United might launch two variants for Bravo. A base variant and the other one as loaded one with all bells and whistles. We expect and we are making a wild guess. The loaded variant will be near +/- 900,000 rupees while base will be near or lower than 800,000 rupees. We dont see a 600,000 Bravo as rumored. But again its my guess and We might be 100% wrong and We hope we are and the actual price is lower. Keep in Mind the Chinese Zoyte Z100 by HRL was 1.1 Million at launch.

The target vehicle which is Mehran is cheap and poorly built and with us since the plane crash of Gen Zia-Ul Haq and customer needs a vehicle in the 800cc segment since very long.

Features and options is not everything in a car or any other vehicle. Its a complete package. How well it is put together, the materials, the fit and finish and obvious on top of that the safety features in car as well as after sales service and support. We hope Bravo meets all this.

A customer wants a well built vehicle with acceptable fit and finish and obviously a reasonable price point. Any new vehicle in our country will only succeed if these above mentioned things are met especially in the market where a buyer talks about resale before even buying a car and keeps the car as an investment.

Let's all get UNITED and applaud BRAVO for now and welcome a new entrant in the market. We hope it meets our expectations.

Again this post is my personal opinion and opinion is only an opinion on basis of ones own thoughts and perceptions and not necessarily facts.