Is Suzuki Cultus 2018 safe?

  • by admin
  • 13/12/2018
Is Suzuki Cultus 2018 safe?
Q: How many STARS you have ?
A: I dont know and why the heck I need to know..

Pakistan domestic models assemblers response " sitaron main kia rakha hay ; sitaron ke aage jahan aur bhi hain aur Yeh dunya tu faani hay, aik dhooka hay"

Suzuki Celeio which is also sold in Pakistan as Cultus locally assembled by Pak Suzuki, when went under testing at European New Car Assessment Program also known as EURO NCAP, it got only and only 3 SITARAY.

The EU variant test vehicle with 3 stars was equipped with Front Airbag, Belt Pre-tensioner + Belt Load-limiter. Beside that there are seat chest airbags mounted on front car seats on the side. There were no curtain airbags else there is possibility of getting 4 stars. Additionally the test vehicle was equipped with standard electronic stability control and obviously ABS.

In another test under GLOBAL NCAP , which is associated with Euro NCAP, tested same vehcile as well but this time it was a Indian spec vehicle Suzuki Maruti Celerio. The car was without any airbags or stability control and oh man.. the dummies surely saw sitaray in aagay kay jahan. The test score this time was an aanda / ZERO / shoonay.

Keep in mind internationally even a 3 star is not called an achievement when cars are getting 5 stars in the same class and category. Thanks to high end assembly procedures, use of best in class raw material and additionally standard safety requirements in shape of front, side, curtain airbags as well as electronic stability systems, ABS and so on.

But don't you worry at all. Pak Suzuki says about Cultus
BUT is it SAFER ?

Put yourself in place of these dummies and re-evaluate and visualize.. How many stars you will see? They want you to become a yummy Cutlus..

So, what all this tells us. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, we have complete lack of check and balance. Poor quality control, poor workmanship , old school assembly procedure are still very common. A brand new car comes with questionable structural integrity as well as overall low safety equipment or complete ZERO safety equipment at all.

Beside that there is no independent agency who can evaluate and test how well these cars are put together locally and how well the available safety equipment perform. If we dig deep, we dont know how good are raw materials, sheet metal and other steel and chassis and as there is no testing, God knows..

Yes Civic, and Corolla comes with unfortunately only 2 air bags but that NOT enough. Also who knows how well the frames and important components are put together as far as chassis. No wonder our cars starts making noises from here and there after few months on the road. I dont want to talk about the super $hity Suzuki and their products because they are notorious of another level and they are never born with a safety DNA in mind. Vehicle stability control , ABS which are enforced as standard all over the world, seems still an option or not available at all.

Our public gets more impressed with LED headlight , tail lights, navigation, sunroof and other "shahskay".. but no one bothers about underlying issues and questions. Public is happy, there is a BRAVO with alloy wheels, AC and a LCD and so on, but no one talks about how safe it is. In fact talking about any car on these lines means committing automotive blasphemy and you will be labeled paid agent and doing propaganda.

I have no doubt in saying that a Pakistan assembled Corolla, Civic which are flagship models will fail in any international NHTSA, IIHS ,NCAP or any other crash test protocol, not only because of lower standard safety equipment but as well as workmanship. Lets not talk about other models as its just waste of time.

I have been advocating and enlightening consumer on this matter time and again and I will keep on doing it so that we as consumer known the risks associated with unavailability of standard safety equipment in our PKDM cars. There is no enforcement and it looks like no one is bothered both car assemblers as well as government and buyers.

These karta dharta people in Pakistan are making billions in profits but dont want to spend towards improvements in their assembled vehicles features as well passive safety because they themselves are chauffeured in armored German Luxury vehicles.

There is no local crash testing or crash rating by government so the manufacturer can play around with humans and keep on minting profits without looking into this serious matter. How we can say our cars are as good as any other overseas ? There is no testing and verification and no one even bothers, even neither the buyers. This is extremely disappointing.

These safety features, equipment does not guarantee a life but for sure contribute towards reducing the impact. Safety should not be optional.. it should be standard because everyone life is as important. Our automobile industry is expanding and its very serious and important issues. Yes , such an independent institute cost money but its time something should come up and gradually improve and modernize over time. Not just to fill files but in actual on ground.

As a buyer we need to enlighten our-self and demand for an independent crash test institute because as buyer we need to see a test score, how safe our cars are as per any international test protocol, not some glamorous commercials with beautiful girls. Its time we also compare vehicles on basis of their safety and structural worthiness.