Suzuki Swift vs Faw V2 : What To Look For Before You Buy?

  • by admin
  • 15/06/2018

Japanese cars have been present in Pakistan for so long a time that they have become a part of the cultural landscape. Among all the Japanese brands, rolling on the streets of Pakistan, Suzuki is perhaps the most recognizable and most omnipresent and there is a reason for this. The quality to price ratio of Suzuki models is excellent and that’s why most of the middle class families in Pakistan go for the Suzuki brand.

This situation has changed during the past decade with the arrival of FAW on the Pakistani automobile scene. FAW is a Chinese brand which provides an excellent value for money and has rapidly established itself as the major competitor of Suzuki. Especially the choice between FAW V2 and Suzuki Swift has become very difficult due to a multitude of choices offered by both these brands.

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Following is a comparison between FAW V2 and Suzuki Swift which would  help you in making the right choice while buying a car for you and your family.

Engine Volume

faw v2 |v2 | faw pakistan | v2 faw | faw | faw vizi

The first thing to look out for, while buying a new car is the engine size. In this regard both these vehicles are identical because both of them have a 1300 cc engine which gives them more or less same power and load capacities.

Cabin Size And Seating

faw v2 black |faw v2| v2 |faw cars in pakistan | faw | faw vizi
Black FAW V2

As far as the cabin size and the seating goes, both these vehicles have very similar designs. Both the V2 and the Swift are hatchbacks with 4 doors and a capacity of 5 adult passengers. The actual cabin size and leg room may vary from model to model and from year to year but the fact remains that both these vehicles have a similar design and seating capacity.

faw v2 interior | v2 | faw | v2 faw | faw v2 price | faw vizi
FAW V2 Interior

Driving Environment

suzuki swift | suzuki swift white | swift| swift suzuki
Suzuki Swift

This might look like a straightforward question but it is very important to have an idea about where you’d drive your car before you buy it. Your car must be compatible with the driving conditions you are going to use it in. For example you should not buy a big SUV if you live in the city and will use it for a home to office commute. Both these cars are urban cars and if you decide to use them in the urban settings then there is practically no difference between the usage of these two models.

Manual vs Automatic

suzuki swift | suzuki swift white | swift | swift suzukiMany imported vehicles for sale in Pakistan are now coming in the automatic transmission configuration by default. This is not the case with either FAW V2 or Suzuki Swift. Both these cars are assembled in Pakistan and as the traditional Pakistani market goes, both these cars are also available exclusively in manual transmission configuration. So here as well there doesn’t seem to be any major difference between the two models.


2013 suzuki swift pakistan | suzuki swift | swift suzuki
Suzuki Swift

This is where, in our opinion, FAW V2 has an edge over the Suzuki Swift. The FAW V2 has a lot of features like airbags, ABS brake system and LED lights etc. Suzuki Swift can and in most cases does have these features but then you’d have to pay extra for these features. In our opinion the FAW V2 gives you slightly more bang for your buck than the Suzuki Swift.

Resale Value

Swfit hatchback |suzuki | suzuki swift | swift suzuki
Suzuki Swift

The resale value is a very important thing to evaluate while buying a car. As things stand, “Suzuki Swift has a slightly higher resale value than that of the FAW V2″ but that is not due to any material reason, it is only the goodwill of Suzuki brand, established in Pakistan for 40 years now which commands a higher resale value. In our opinion as far as the resale value goes the Suzuki Swift edges out FAW V2 slightly and perhaps that is why Suzuki commands a higher price as well for a fully loaded version.


In our opinion both these cars are very good and there is practically nothing much to separate between these two. It is going to be a matter of personal choice and practicality for you if you decide to buy the FAW V2 or the Suzuki Swift.